Stickerville Camping

You can pay with a credit card (paypal) and even pay before you get there:

Camping ===============================

$ 10.00 per person per night.
Fiscally challenged campers can apply to the Scholarship Fund for assistance. This Scholarship Fund is being provided to honor and continue the legacy of some of our finest and enthusiastic founders and volunteers. Thanks to the families and friends of Jinx Davis, Leon Farnsworth, Zeke Little, Philip Anthony “Whale” Szczepanowski, Brad Pinkerton, and Nancy Thorwardson.

Contact Becky (bsmando <at>

No charge for children under 13

You can pay with a credit card (paypal) and even pay before you get there.


bulletNo pets allowed in the campground!
bulletNo generators!
bulletNo charcoal or wood fires at any time for any purpose. Propane or White gas, coleman type stoves are allowed.
bulletNo large RV's

Pay camping fees at the Stickerville office located in the old shed along the alley.

Drinking water on site - two hydrants centrally located Port-a-potties on site (approximately June 15th - June 24th)

We will have a volunteer sign-up sheet to help staff our camping registering in Stickerville and to help staff our table when we run workshops and dances in the museum.

You may arrive and set up camp 24 hours a day. THE CAMPGROUND OPENS ON JUNE 15th - THAT's THE FIRST DAY YOU CAN CAMP!!

There are no reservations for camping spots – camping is on a first come, first served basis. The campground is not split up into campsites during the festival.

Free Wi-Fi around the campground.

There are no electrical hookups in Stickerville. A handful of electrical outlets for charging devices are available at the office.

Showers are available at Weiser High School for a small fee. Showers may also be available in the Museum.

Stickerville is a family-friendly campground, but we do not have quiet hours. Live, acoustic music can go on all night long.

Weiser Friends of the Fiddle, Inc., as an organization, respects all local, state and federal laws. Underage drinking is forbidden. The organization does not condone the sale, use, or promotion of illegal drugs. Everybody bears responsibility for their actions and the expectation is that we will all work together to ensure group safety. Participants found contributing to minors, problem drug users and dealers that are brought to our attention will be asked to leave.